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Measures of Press Freedom and Media Contributions to Development

Evaluating the Evaluators


Monroe E. Price, Susan Abbott and Libby Morgan

Press freedom indices such as those administered by Freedom House, IREX, and Reporters Without Borders have emerged as crucial tools, not only for the general public, but also for donors, implementers, and academics in their attempts to understand the relationships among media assistance, democratization, and other forms of development. Bringing together a variety of viewpoints and perspectives on evaluating media assistance, Measures of Press Freedom and Media Contributions to Development offers a critical reflection on the theories and tools of measurements that are used by the academic, donor, and civil society communities. A variety of theoretical and geographic perspectives are drawn upon, offering a timely debate from both academics and practitioners.
Contents: Monroe E. Price: Press Freedom Measures: An Introduction – Lee B. Becker/Tudor Vlad: The Conceptualization and Operationalization of Country-Level Measures of Media Freedom – Patrick McCurdy/Gerry Power/Anna Godfrey: When Theory Meets Practice: Critical Reflections from the Field on Press Freedom Indices – Andrew Puddephatt: Examining and Critiquing Existing Measures of Media Development – Fackson Banda: What Are We Measuring? A Critical Review of Media Development Assessment Tools – Guobin Yang: Press Freedom and Transnational Online Activism in China – Christina Holtz-Bacha: Freedom of the Press: Is a Worldwide Comparison Possible and What is it Good For? – Andrei Richter: Post-Soviet Perspective on Evaluating Censorship and Freedom of the Media – Derek E. Bambauer: Comparing Cybersieves – Nicole Stremlau: Towards a New Approach to Evaluation – Craig L. LaMay: What Works? The Problem of Program Evaluation – Andy Mosher: Good, But How Good? Monitoring and Evaluation of Media Assistance Projects – Susan Abbott/Maureen Taylor: Measuring the Impact of Media Assistance Programs: Perspectives on Research-Practitioner Collaboration – Shanthi Kalathil: Measuring the Media: Examining the Interdisciplinary Approach – Thomas Jacobson/Lingling Pan/ Seung Joon Jun: Indicators of Citizen Voice for Assessing Media Development: A Communicative Action Approach – Russell S. Sobel/Nabamita Dutta/Sanjukta Roy: Beyond Borders: Is Media Freedom Contagious? – Silvio Waisbord: The Global Promotion of Media Diversity: Revisiting Operational Models and Bureaucratic Imperatives.