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Teaching, Learning and Intersecting Identities in Higher Education


Susan M. Pliner and Cerri Banks

This book utilizes the theory of intersectionality to focus on the divergent identities and experiences of marginalized groups and to analyze the ways these experiences infiltrate the classroom. It examines teaching and learning as integrated and synergistic practices and highlights the personal and institutional power dynamics existing between scholars and students.
Starting with the premise that institutions of higher education must pay attention to the ways intersecting identities and structures of privilege and disadvantage enter all educational settings, the contributors to this text represent a range of academic disciplines and they are both scholars and students. This approach demonstrates that ideas related to teaching and learning should not follow models that separate teachers, students, and disciplines, but rather that significant learning occurs in the areas where they overlap. Each chapter provides pedagogical strategies and methods for classroom practice that facilitate student learning, equitable classroom environments, and a social justice agenda.
Contents: Cerri A. Banks/Susan M. Pliner: Introduction – Khuram Hussain: Integrating Intersectionality, Transforming Learning – Kim A. Case/Angela R. Miller/Shaprie Bambacigno Jackson: «We Talk about Race Too Much in This Class!» Complicating the Essentialized Woman through Intersectional Pedagogy – Leah Wing: Conflict Resolution Education and Intersectionality – Anna Creadick/Jalisa Whitley/Patrice Thomas/Amber Jackson/Katy Wolfe/Martin Quigley/Reina Apraez: «Check Your Head»: Teaching and Learning the Intersectionality of Whiteness – Linda McCarthy/Laura M. Larson: Using a Pedagogy of Intersectionality in the Community College Classroom – Neeta Bhasin: The Rhetorical Nature of Intersecting Identities: Actualizing Intersectionality in the Classroom – Lesley Bogad/Ibilolia Holder/Juanita Montes de Oca/Andres Ramirez/Chris Susi: A.L.L.I.E.D. Across Our Differences: Blogging and the (Un)Reconciled Politics of Intersectionality – Jennifer Esposito/Alison Happel: Oprah and Obama Made It, Why Can’t Everyone Else? Utilizing Intersectional Pedagogy to Challenge Post-racial Ideologies within the Higher Education Classroom – Susan M. Pliner/Cerri A. Banks/Ashley M. Tapscott: Intersectional Pedagogy and Transformative Learning – Jennifer Bowen: Intersectionality and My Practice of Teaching Mathematics – Julia R. Johnson/Mary González/Cris Ray/Jessica Hager/Diana Leon/Sally Spalding/Tiffany Brigham: Daring Pedagogy: Dialoguing about Intersectionality and Social Justice – Liz Braun: Reframing «Diversity» in Higher Education: An Argument for an Intersectional Approach – Cerri A. Banks/Susan M. Pliner: Afterword: Final Thoughts.