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Lost in Media

The Ethics of Everyday Life


Tony Kashani and Benjamin Frymer

Lost in Media examines collectively the ethical issues that have arisen in media-driven everyday life and will that arise as paradigm shifts occur on a global scale. Films, television and the new media often serve the globalization aims of a capitalist society as they function to socially reproduce the hegemonic norms, values, and styles of the larger society. Chapters in the book use the tradition of critical theory to look at issues of free market fundamentalism, journalism’s erosion of communication of truth, public relations ethics of perception management; yielding self-censorship in the media, entertainment media pedagogically cultivating consumerism and docility, music and morality, misrepresentation of resistance movements, ethics of spectatorship, and the transformation of everyday ethics.
Contents: Tony Kashani/Benjamin Frymer: From Benetton to Murdoch: The Culture of Money, Shock, and Schlock – Henry A. Giroux: We Are All in This Thing Together: The Complex Ethics of Social Media Networking – Tony Kashani: Ritalin: Panic in the USA – Toby Miller: The Murdoch Media Empire, Journalistic Ethics,and the Spectacle of Scandal – Douglas Kellner: Media and Ethics: The Public Sphere, Truth Telling, and Practice of Freedom – Ali Kashani: Alienation in the Age of Spectacle Culture – Benjamin Frymer: Neoliberal Media’s Commodification of Occupy Wall Street and Radical Social Movements – Brian Klocke: With No Responsibility: The Colbert Show – Jjenna Hupp Andrews: The Devil Is in the Details: Christian Messages Gliding Unseen Within Deep Blue Sea – Ajay Gehlawat: Why Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle: The Representation of Otherness in Mainstream Teen Cinema – Kimberly M. Radek: No-Win Avatar: Culture Clash in Pocahontas Revisited.