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«Come Closer»

Critical Perspectives on Theatre of the Oppressed


Toby Emert and Ellie Friedland

In «Come Closer,» community activists, scholars, and theatre artists describe their Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) work and how they are transforming TO for new purposes, new audiences, and new settings. Each chapter features a first-person narrative on how the authors’ work both honors and transforms the vision of Augusto Boal, whose imaginative response to human oppression offers the world an aesthetic intervention that has the power to move both the oppressors and the oppressed to the possibility of transformative dialogue. Contributors to this important volume center their ideas and their descriptions of their practice within theoretical frameworks, particularly Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed. «Come Closer» will be useful to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as administrators and professors interested in the topic of democratic education.
Contents: Michael Rohd: Foreword – Toby Emert/Ellie Friedland: Introduction – Doug Paterson: Putting the «Pro» in Protagonist: Paulo Freire’s Contribution to Our Understanding of Forum Theatre – Marc Weinblatt/Cheryl Harrison: Theatre of the Oppressor: Working with Privilege Toward Social Justice – Brent Blair: The Complex: Theatre of the Oppressed, Trauma, and the Seventh Shift – Ellie Friedland: Integrating Theatre of the Oppressed into Higher Education: Transformation or Technique? – Toby Emert: Dramatizing Success: Boal Enters the High School Language Arts Classroom – Jennifer L. Freitag/Danielle Dick McGeough/Aubrey Huber/Karen S. Mitchell: The Boalian Communication Classroom: A Conversation about the Body, Dialogue, and Social Transformation – Jenny Wanasek/Mark Weinberg: The One-Line Play: Elaborations on Image Theatre – S. Leigh Thompson/Alexander Santiago-Jirau: Performing Truth: Queer Youth and the Transformative Power of Theatre of the Oppressed – Sonja Arsham Kuftinec: Rehearsing for Dramatic Change in Kabul – Richard J. Piatt: Faith Acts: Exploring the Possibilities for Theatre of the Oppressed and Liberation Theology – Raphi Soifer: Last-Minute Theatre: Bringing Boal Behind Bars – Jiwon Chung: Theatre of the Oppressed as a Martial Art – Hector Aristizábal/Diane Lefer: The Wounded Joker – Chen Alon: Non-Violent Struggle as Reconciliation Combatants for Peace: Palestinian and Israeli Polarized Theatre of the Oppressed – Toby Emert/Ellie Friedland: Considering the Future of Theatre of the Oppressed: An Interview with Julian Boal.