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The Dialectics of African Education and Western Discourses

Counter-Hegemonic Perspectives


Handel Kashope Wright and Ali A. Abdi

The Dialectics of African Education and Western Discourses addresses how continental Africans who have worked or are currently working in the Canadian academy address their dual legacy of African and Euro-American knowledge paradigms. Reflecting a range of approaches to hegemonic Euro-American paradigms that can be summarized as «appropriation, ambivalence and alternatives,» the authors bring African indigenous knowledge and praxes into play in addressing issues in various sub-fields of education from philosophy and gnosis to teacher education and classroom practice, memory work and storying to higher education policy and development studies, language and mathematics pedagogy to giftedness and special education. By simultaneously engaging Western and African worldviews, theory, policy and practice, the twelve essays provide an intervention in and contribution to critical approaches to education as a comprehensive global field and as an aspect of African studies.
Contents: Handel K. Wright/Ali A. Abdi: Introducing the Dialectics of African Education and Western Discourses: Appropriation, Ambivalence, and Alternatives – Ali A. Abdi: Eurocentric Discourses and African Philosophies and Epistemologies of Education: Counter-Hegemonic Analyses and Responses – Dalene Swanson: Ubuntu, African Epistemology and Development: Contributions, Contradictions, Tensions, and Possibilities – Nombuso Dlamini: Inkumbulo as Remembering, Communing, and Praxis: Retelling the Stories of Transformation and Learning – Jenipher A. Owuor: Integrating African Indigenous Knowledge in Kenya’s Formal Education System: The Potential for Sustainable Development – Michael Kariwo: Reframing African Higher Education – Musembi Nungu: Re-Culturing Teacher Education in Africa – Samson M. Nashon: Reframing and Indigenizing Science Education in Africa – Constantine Ngara: African Ways of Knowing: Rethinking Pedagogy in Africa – Edward Shizha: Linguistic Independence and African Education and Development – Michael Nabie: Cultural Games and Mathematics Education in Ghana: A Theoretical Analysis – Handel Kashope Wright: Is This an African I See Before Me? Black/African Identity and the Politics of (Western, Academic) Knowledge.