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Girls, Cultural Productions, and Resistance


Michelle S. Bae and Olga Ivashkevich

Girls, Cultural Productions, and Resistance brings together scholars from across the academy to explore the multifaceted ways that contemporary girls challenge and disrupt normative gender scripts and representations. By adopting ethnographic methodologies and/or feminist pedagogies, the authors collaborate with girls from various ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, highlighting these girls’ affective agency as they remake femininity from the ground up. From pre-school through college, these girls engage in subversive gender work through writing, blogging, talking, video production, game design, scouting, business organizing, roller derby, and yoga. This groundbreaking collection provides a roadmap for academics and practitioners trying to understand the landscape of girlhood today.
Contents: Michelle S. Bae/Olga Ivashkevich: Introduction: Reimagining Girls’ Resistance – Marissa McClure: The Princess’s Protagonist: The Affective and Discursive Work of Managing Masculinity and Femininity in Mexican and Native American Preschool Girls’ Digital Video Productions – Heather James/Molly Kirk/Toi James: I’m Not Your Cookie: Debunking the Myth of Girl Scout. Perfection in Leadership and Life – Ming S. Trammel/Monica L. Dillihunt: Black Girls Talking Back: How Black Girls Use Facebook and Blogs to Resist Marginalization – Andrea Alden Lewis: Redefining «Ana»: The Discourse of Resistance on a Pro-Ana Website – Zeba Imam: If We Can’t Talk about This, We’ll Talk about Something Else: Shifting Issues to Keep the Counter-Discourse Alive – Allison Butler: «I Just Gotta Get This Business Started!». A Case Study of a Young Latina Entrepreneur – Elizabeth Garber/Erin Garber-Pearson: Tramps and Bruises: Images of Roller Derby and Contemporary Feminism – Tracy McLoone: Knowing Real and Fake: A Girl’s Own Growth Chart – Jen Almjeld/Rachel R. Gallagher/Michelle Garza: Exercising Opinions: Gamer Girls Push Back against Video Game Depictions – Shira Chess: « You Can’t Sexualize a Shrub»: Girls, Video Games, and Resistance – Heather Hahn/Dara Brown: Jaya-tude! Empowering Middle School Girls from Minority Populations through Yoga and Teaching College Women to Become Mentors – Cassie A. Wright: Doing «Girl Power»: Negotiating Sporting Femininity in Media Sport – Judy Isaksen: Girls Talking Back.