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Earth, Animal, and Disability Liberation

The Rise of the Eco-Ability Movement

Anthony J. Nocella II, Judy Bentley and Janet M. Duncan

This provocative and groundbreaking book is the first of its kind to propose the concept of Eco-ability: the intersectionality of the ecological world, persons with disabilities, and nonhuman animals. Rooted in disability studies and rights, environmentalism, and animal advocacy, this book calls for a social justice theory and movement that dismantles constructed «normalcy», ableism, speciesism, and ecological destruction while promoting mutual interdependence, collaboration, respect for difference, and inclusivity of our world. Eco-ability provides a positive, liberating, and empowering philosophy for educators and activists alike.
Contents: Julie Andrzejewski: Foreword – Anthony J. Nocella II/Judy K. C. Bentley/Janet M. Duncan: Introduction: The Rise of Eco-Ability – Anthony J. Nocella II: Defining Eco-Ability: Social Justice and the Intersectionality of Disability, Nonhuman Animals, and Ecology – Judy K. C. Bentley: Human Disabilities, Nonhuman Animals, and Nature: Toxic Constructs and Transformative Technologies – Janet M. Duncan: Interdependence, Capability, and Competence as a Framework for Eco-Ability – Robin M. Smith/Jack P. Manno: Critical Perspectives on Disability Studies and Social Constructions of Environments: Commoditization and Its Effect on Society and Nature – Amber E. George: Disney’s Little «Freak» Show of Animals in Nature: A Dis-Ability. Pedagogical Perspective on the Disney Industrial Complex – Sarat Colling: Transnational Feminism and Eco-Ability: Transgressing the Borders of Normalcy and Nation – A. J. Withers: Disableism Within Animal Advocacy and Environmentalism – Bill Lindquist/Anna Grimm: Therapeutic Relationships Within the Biotic Community – Alessandro Arrigoni: Institutional and Common Oppression of People with Disabilities, Nonhuman Species, and the Environment in Italy – Deanna Adams/Kimberly Socha: Shocking Into Submission: Suppressive Practices and Use of Behavior Modification on Nonhuman Animals, People with Disabilities, and the Environment – Lynn Anderson/Vicki Wilkins/Laurie Penney-McGee: Eco-Ability: Putting Theory into Action – Carrie Griffin Basas: Private, Public, or Compassionate: Animal Rights and Disability Rights Laws – Norm Phelps: Infinite Ethics: An Inclusive Vision for a Diverse World – David Nibert: Developmental Disability, Animal Oppression, and the Environment – Anthony J. Nocella II: Eco-Ability Theory in Action: A Challenge to Ableism in the Environmental Movement.