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Tools for Improving Principals’ Work

Jianping Shen

The vital role of principalship in improving schools in general and enhancing student achievement in particular has been well documented. Given its importance, there is a need for tools to improve principalship, particularly ones emphasizing those dimensions associated with student achievement. Given the accountability movement, with its particular focus on student achievement and the advent of the evaluation era (including the evaluation of principals), the need for tools is even more urgent. This edited volume presents those tools with the aim of improving learning-centered principalship. The book is useful for researchers and policy makers as well as principals.
Contents: Jianping Shen: The Need for Tools to Improve Principalship: An Introduction – Andrew C. Porter/Joseph Murphy/Ellen Goldring/Stephen N. Elliott/Xiu Chen Cravens: Vanderbilt Assessment of Leadership in Education: A New Tool for Principal Evaluation and Professional Growth – Philip Hallinger: A Data-Driven Approach to Assess and Develop Instructional Leadership with the PIMRS – Ronald H. Heck/George A. Marcoulides: Identifying Leadership and Organizational Processes Related to School Outcomes and Improvement: Validating an Instrument – Jianping Shen/Van E. Cooley/Xin Ma/Patricia L. Reeves/Walter L. Burt/J. Mark Rainey/Wenhui Yuan: Data-Informed Decision-Making on High-Impact Strategies: An Instrument for Improving Principalship – Jianping Shen/Van E. Cooley/Gary Marx/Elizabeth Kirby/David E. Whale: Data-Informed Decision-Making: A Guidebook for Data Points and Analyses for School Improvement – Lynn M. Scott: The Leadership Performance Planning Worksheet (LPPW): A Development Tool for Early Career School Leaders – Mark Shellinger: The SAM Process: Changing Principals and Their Relationships with Teachers via Time/Task Analysis™ and TimeTrack™ – James E. Bottoms/Paula E. Egelson: SREB’s High Schools That Work School Improvement Model.