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Say It Loud

Black Studies, Its Students, and Racialized Collegiate Culture


Regina Bernard-Carreño

Say It Loud: Black Students and Collegiate Culture pays homage to the earliest Black Studies programs in the United States, particularly to those programs that spawned from strong pedagogical, revolutionary social movements, and student-based organic and traditional academic practices. Briefly presenting a look at the rich history of the birth of what became a student-led movement for social and intellectual change, Say It Loud considers the various plights of Black Studies programs today, and the way in which students have been cheated out of the revolutionary academic practices of their predecessors. The book also offers many examples of how Black Studies programs can once again take a student-centered approach, one that wishes to seek change not solely for Black students, but for everyone who believes in change at larger, deeper, and more personally-connected levels of learning.
Contents: Lena James and Felicity Porter: The Television Depiction of Black Girl Identity at College – Making Black Studies Political – The Black Outcast in the Classroom: Street Lit and Black Academics – Black Studies Projects: The Communal Class, Samples and Resources – Scholarship and Community.