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Black Women in Leadership

Their Historical and Contemporary Contributions


Danielle Joy Davis and Cassandra Chaney

Black Women in Leadership: Their Historical and Contemporary Contributions explores the leadership experiences of Black women within macro level (such as education, industry, and social services) and micro level (such as family and individual churches) contexts. The interdisciplinary work examines leadership practices, highlighting the historical and current triumphs and barriers of Black women in these roles. Black Women in Leadership further offers success strategies underlying Black women’s leadership. With few exceptions (namely, Rosa Parks, Fannie Lou Hamer, Shirley Chisholm, Dorothy Height, Daisy Bates, and Angela Davis), the accomplishments of Black female leaders have historically been ignored, minimized, or primarily linked to those of prominent Black men. Black Women in Leadership centers upon elucidating factors motivating Black women to create their own identities and become leaders in their own right.
Contents: Linda C. Tillman: Foreword – Dannielle Joy Davis/Cassandra Chaney: Introducing Black Women in Leadership: Their Historical and Contemporary Contributions – Nadia Brown: Black Women’s Legislative Influence – Kaye Thompson-Rogers: Black Women and Leadership in the Church – Virginia Cook Tickles: African American Mothers Leading Daughters – Ezella McPherson: Each One, Teach One: Black Women’s Historical Contributions to Education – Rhonda Hudson/Dannielle Joy Davis: Black Women’s Historical Leadership in African American Home Education – Talia R. Esnard/Laurette Bristol/Launcelot Brown: Black Women as Educational Leaders: Emotional Neutrality and Psychic Duality – Dannielle Joy Davis/Virginia Cook Tickles/Montressa Washington/Ifeoma Amah/Monika Hudson: Sisters of the Academy: Cultivating Leadership and Collaboration among Black Women – Cassandra Chaney: The Leadership of First Lady Michelle Obama: Perceptions of Black Female College Students – Ishwanzya D. Rivers: «If They Don’t Make a Place for Us, We Should Make a Place for Ourselves»: African American Women and Nursing at State Community College – Menah Pratt-Clarke: Higher Education Leadership: One Black Woman’s Journey – Keisha Edwards Tassie/Sonja M. Brown Givens: The «Double Outsider’s» Challenges to Professional Success: Implications for Black Women’s Leadership – Nakisha A. Scott: Working Towards Self-care: The Role of Vicarious Traumatization in Black Female Mental Health Professionals – S. Alease Ferguson/Toni C. King: Honoring the Lateness of the Day: Opportunistic Shifts in the Personal Leadership Sojourns of African American Professional Women at Second Adulthood – Jacqueline Fancher Marn: Overcoming Gender and Race Issues in the Workplace.