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Reprocessing Race, Language and Ability

African-Born Educators and Students in Transnational America


Immaculée Harushimana, Chinwe Ikpeze and Shirley Mthethwa-Sommers

This book explores the unique experiences of African-born educators and students in North American K-12 classrooms, as well as those of education faculty and administrators. It identifies the conflicting attributes that African-born educators and students bring into American schools and the challenges of working in linguistically, racially and culturally regulated educational spaces. The collected essays examine how attributes assigned to immigrant teachers by the host community of students, colleagues and administrators can serve both as conduits and deterrents for effective teaching. In all, Reprocessing Race, Language and Ability uncovers the existence of unavoidable – though not insurmountable – racial, cultural and linguistic dissonance when African and western cultures come in contact.
Contents: Omiunota N. Ukpokodu: Foreword – Immaculée Harushimana/Chinwe Ikpeze/Shirley Mthethwa-Sommers: Introduction: Telling It Like It Is: Legitimizing the Brains under the Colonial Masks – Omiunota N. Ukpokodu: A Synthesis of Scholarship on African-Born Teacher Educators in U.S. Colleges and Schools of Education – Shirley Mthethwa-Sommers: Teaching against Defensive Moves: A Case Study on the Impact of Identity on Learning – Chinwe Ikpeze: In Retrospect: Navigating Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Teacher Education – Otrude Nontobeko Moyo: Racialization in Higher Education: Experiences of an African-Born Scholar Teaching and Learning in the United States – Zandile P. Nkabinde: A Tale of Two Worlds: A South African Educator’s Journey in the American Academy – Janet T. Awokoya: «They Can’t Teach What They Don’t Know»: Insights from Teacher Professional Development Workshops on Africa – Taiwo Ande: Give Me a Chance, Please! A Self-reflection of Career Trajectory for an African Academic Administrator in American Institutions of Higher Education – Marianne Jacquet/Mambo Tabu Masinda/Danièle Moore/Juvénal Barankenguje: Claiming the Voice of Hope: The School Integration of Sub-Saharan African French-Speaking Children and Youth Immigrants in British Columbia, Canada – Immaculée Harushimana: Foreign-Born Minorities and American Schooling: The African-Born Immigrant Adolescent’s Plea – Mercy Agyepong: Seeking to Be Heard: An African-Born, American-Raised Child’s Tale of Struggle, Invisibility, and Invincibility – Gillian Creese/Edith Ngene Kambere/Mambo Tabu Masinda: Voices of African Immigrant and Refugee Youth: Negotiating Migration and Schooling in Canada – Lombe M. Mwembo: My African Skin Color Weighs More Than My U.S. Degrees: In the Eyes of U.S. Children and School Leaders – Nonye C. Obiora: Foreign or Funny; Not Inferior: An African Educator Navigates Invisible Barriers in Teaching – Serigne Mbaye Gningue: It Takes a Village to Succeed at Teaching: The Trajectory of a Senegalese Mathematics Educator in the United States of America – Immaculée Harushimana: Conclusion: A New Perspective on the Assimilation and Adaptation of African-Born Immigrants.