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Provoking Conversations on Inquiry in Teacher Education


Darren E. Lund, E. Lisa Panayotidis, Hans Smits and Jo Towers

This book has won the Publication Award: Multiauthored or Edited Books from the Canadian Association of Foundations of Education (CAFE)

This captivating book opens a multi-vocal and layered conversation on critical contemporary issues in teacher education. As a provocative example of self-study research, each part of the book shows the richness and productivity of collaborative, practice-based research, oriented to critical issues in teacher education. In bringing forward key issues in teacher education, Provoking Conversations on Inquiry in Teacher Education also demonstrates an exercise of practical judgment, that is, to show how certain kinds of research and writing can address the real life issues encountered in practice. The bold effort to make their work public and invite responses represents a deliberate attempt by the authors to reveal the importance of critical conversations. Invited responses by critical friends from other institutions demonstrate that conversations about practices in teacher education must remain open-ended and responsive to a plurality of thought and experience.