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Performances of Research

Critical Issues in K-12 Education


Rachael Gabriel and Jessica Nina Lester

Participatory performances have long been used to invite audiences to embody, voice, and imagine the perspective of different characters, values, and viewpoints. Performances of Research: Critical Issues in K-12 Education provides a collection of performative texts that retell the lived experiences of children and youth in meaningful and engaging ways, while providing readers with an opportunity to participate in the retelling. Performances of Research is for faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students who are engaged in the study of social foundations in education, equity and social justice in education, and qualitative inquiry methods. This book is essential reading for pre-service teachers, classroom teachers, and faculties of education and works very well as a textbook for a variety of courses.
Contents: Rachael Gabriel/Jessica Nina Lester: Introduction – Katharine Sprecher: «I Am Proud to Be African»: Countering Deficit Discourses in a U.S. School – Irina S. Okhremtchouk/Rosa M. Jimenez: I Live in a Curled World…: Stories from Immigrant Students and Their Teacher – Jessica Nina Lester/Rachael Gabriel: The Naming of the Dis/abled within U.S. Special Education – Anne McGill-Franzen/Renee Moran: Needing Intensive Remediation: How a Reading Identity is Negotiated, Interpreted, and Lived – Katherine Evans: Doing Time in ISS: A Performance of School Discipline – Allison Daniel Anders/Kafele Jahi Khalfani/Amy E. Swain: Education Is a Small Part of the Life I Have to Live – Kimberly J. Howard: We Hear What We Know: Racial Messages in a Southern School – James A. Brooks: Our School: College-Going Scripts of Students in an Early College High School – Mark Vicars: Queerer Than Queer!