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Whitecentricism and Linguoracism Exposed

Towards the De-Centering of Whiteness and Decolonization of Schools


Pierre W. Orelus

Whitecentricism and English hegemony are two forms of oppression that have affected and limited the life chances of linguistically, racialized, and culturally diverse people, including students. In this book, the author draws on postcolonial and socio-cultural theories and resistant narratives to build a strong argument to counter such hegemony. He a rgues that whitecentricism and linguoracism are two dominant ideologies that structurally privilege Whites over non-Whites and monolinguals of English over bilingual and multilingual speakers. He also unveils the psychological and socio-economic effects of whitecentricism and linguoracism on historically and linguistically marginalized groups, including linguistically and culturally diverse students. Finally, the author proposes that whiteness be de-centered and the English-only movement be counteracted for the construction of a more racially and linguistically inclusive and equitable society.
Contents: Whitecentricism Exposed: De-centering Whiteness for a More Racially Inclusive Society – Being Black and Brown in a White World: Challenges and Possibilities – Reframing the Debate on Democratic, Educational, and Linguistic Rights of Minorities – Decolonizing Schools and Our Mentality: Counter Narratives from a Colonized Subject – Beyond Linguoracism and White Hegemony: Affirming Multiple Identities and Languages.