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Impact of Religion on Business Ethics in Europe and the Muslim World

Islamic versus Christian Tradition

Ingmar M. Wienen

This research project assesses the extent to which religion influences standards and behaviour in business, by comparing Islamic banking to co-operative banking as carried out by both Christians and Muslims. The study argues that Islamic banks are particular in the kind of products they offer, namely the Islamic financial instruments. On the other hand, it is the organisation which is key to co-operative banks. An empirical investigation of over 100 banks has revealed that Islamic banks are conventional banks with a product range modified according to Islamic religious law. Co-operative banks operate so as 'to help the poor', an objective in line with both Islamic and Christian ethics. The book demonstrates that Muslims and Christians can work together to foster development and to overcome poverty by referring to common ethical standards in business.
Contents: Problem definition and research objectives - State-of-the-art review: intercultural studies, studies on religions, studies on ethics and on business ethics - Theoretical study: «Europe» and the «Muslim World», rights and wrongs in Islam and Christianity, two ethical modes of operations - Plans, methods and means of research - Empirical study: Islamic banking in Europe, Islamic banking in the Muslim world, co-operative banking in Europe, co-operative banking in the Muslim world.