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Cultural Democracy and Ethnic Pluralism

Multicultural and multilingual policies in education


Richard J. Watts and Jerzy J. Smolicz

This book presents a wide variety of approaches to and attitudes towards multiculturalism on the level of language, on the level of education and on the level of policy making. Several of the chapters refer specifically to Australia, since that country has taken the bold step of defining what it understands by the term 'multicultural'. This book, however, also takes the reader to Europe, South-Africa, Canada and Japan. Without exception the authors embrace a humanistic approach to sociology, which includes the notion of cultural core values and the desirability of creating an overarching framework of shared values in multicultural states.
Contents: Jerzy J. Smolicz: Foreword - Richard J. Watts: Introduction - Nigel Grant: Democracy and Cultural Pluralism: Towards the 21st Century - Jerzy J. Smolicz: In Search of a Multicultural Nation: The Case of Australia from an International Perspective - Hania M. Fedorowicz: The Multicultural Society in Central Europe: Towards a Communication Strategy - John Clammer: Japanese and Foreigners: Challenges to Intercultural Communication in Japan - Patrick McAllister: Zulu Kingdom and Afrikaaner 'Volksstaat': The Reinvention of Ethnic Politics in South Africa - Sigrid Luchtenburg: Stages in Multicultural Theory and Practice in Germany - Jill Moore: Brief Candle or Light through Yonder Window? Multicultural Education in Britain in the Eighties and Nineties - Michael Clyne: Monolingualism, Multilingualism and the Australian Nation - Lynn M. F. Arnold: Breaking through the Tyranny of Monoculturalism and Monolingualism: The Australian Experience - Giancarlo Chiro and Jerzy J. Smolicz: The Activation and Evaluation of Italian Language and Culture among Tertiary Students of Italian Ancestry in Australia - Kathleen Heugh: Disabling and Enabling: Implications of Language Policy in South Africa - Richard J. Watts: Language Policies and Education in Switzerland.