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Tradition and Reality in Educational Ethnography of Post-Communist Poland

Essays in Sociology of Education and Social Pedagogy

Andrzej Radziewicz-Winnicki

The educational and cultural determinants of the tempo and direction of transformation of the democratic and the normative order in post-totalitarian society are analysed. The author's analyses presented in this book attempt to answer the following question: How does one pass from normative order to normative integration? Which properties of the new systemic educational identity are conductive to the active creation of social normative order in Poland? What is the religious adaptation to the new state formation? Is it possible in a short time to build in Poland a new pragmatic and progressive educational system based on the unified school which is democratic with unified education and the freedom of choice?
Contents: Power and ideology in education - Education and democratic transformation - Destruction and construction of the national culture - institutional effects on religion in Poland - Crisis in educational strategies.