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Inheritance in Islam

Women's Inheritance in Sana'a (Republic of Yemen)- Law, Religion, and Reality


Annelies Glander

The purpose of the study was the collection and presentation of information on inheritance in Islam with particular attention being paid to women. Following an explanation of how the research was motivated, Part One gives a detailed survey of religious bases, law books and expert opinion, complemented by examples of division of inheritance in actual practice. Part Two summarises information gained in interviews. The often confusing practices of dowry and the special phenomenon of postponed division of inheritance are explained and supported by model cases. Women's economic independence and various aspects of the transfer of property in the absence of wills are also discussed.
Contents: Inheritance in the Quran, the Sharia and in law books - What the imams and the Mufti opine - Women's bank accounts and economic independence - The mahr riddle, postponement of inheritance, and women's points of view - The Ten Commandments of Field Research.