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The Locative Class in Shengologa (Kgalagadi)


Sabine Hoeth

Shengologa (Kgalagadi) is a Bantu language spoken in the Republic of Botswana. The present volume describes a set of nouns in Shengologa. This set of nouns is distinguished within a synchronic analysis from other grammatical categories on purely formal grounds and reanalysed as one class only: the locative class. The extent to which prefixes of this class interact with other parts of grammar leads to the establishment of several form classes. All established form classes coincide with the semantic reference «locative».
Contents: Locative Class Nouns - Locative Prefixes on Locative and Non-Locative Class Nouns - Locative Prefixes in the Formation of Spatial Adverbials - The Locative Suffix - Locative Concord.