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The Proclamation of the Good News

A Study of Lk 24 in Tiv Context


Terwasa H. Akaabiam

This work argues that the meaning and message of Lk 24 can be better perceived when the episodes of the text are read as a unit and from the viewpoint of a progressive transformation of perspective concerning the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus, a transformation culminating in the out-pouring of the Holy Spirit.
It also contends that the gospel message cannot be said to be incarnated in a culture when all its elements do not tend towards the Lord Jesus Christ and are not absorbed in his worldview. Without raising empirical questions about the resurrection of Jesus, the work discusses Lk 24 in its immediate and remote narrative contexts; it is an intercultural dialogue between the Lucan Sitz im Leben and that of the Tiv people of Benue state, Nigeria.
Contents: The exegesis of Lk 24 - The Easter event is narrated, in Luke, with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the commission and withness of the disciples and the emergence of an Easter community in view - A hermeneutic reflection on the Lucan Easter message in Tiv context.