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Ethnic Minorities and Nationalism in Southeast Asia

Festschrift, dedicated to Hans Dieter Kubitscheck

Jörg Thomas Engelbert and Andreas Schneider

Contents: Bernhard Dahm: Ethnic Groups, Colonial Conquest and Nationalism in Sumatra – Vincent J.H. Houben: Communal Conflict in Post-Suharto Indonesia: the Case of Ambon – Mary Somers Heidhues: Who Wants to be Non-Pribumi? The Uses of Parentheses – Sri Kuhnt-Saptodewo: Religion and Identity – Wilfried Wagner: Volkwerdung under the Sign of the Cross. A Protestant Concept of Emerging Nationhood – Annemarie Esche: Nation, Nation-State and Ethnicity (with reference to the Union of Myanmar) – Wilfried Lulei: Ethnic Minorities in Vietnam, Past and Present – Thomas Engelbert: Ideology and Reality. Nationalitätenpolitik in North and South Vietnam and the First Indochina War – Laohoua Cheutching: The Situation of the Hmong and Minority Politics in Laos – Andreas Schneider: Nationalism, National Awakening and Ethnic Approaches in Laos at the End of World War II – Hans Dieter Kubitscheck. A Short Biographical Outline – Bibliography of Hans Dieter Kubitscheck.