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The Cultural Crisis of Sub-Saharan Africa as Depicted in the African Writers’ Series

A Sociological Perspective


Michael Perry Kweku Okyerefo

Africa has variously been described as the «lost Continent», a «Continent at risk», not least because of the ethnic or civil wars plaguing this continent and their concomitant genocide. Indeed, Africa has been plunged into a political and socio-economic quagmire. This state of «cultural crisis» is what this work makes its theme. Crisis as a sociological phenomenon, which in the case of the African situation – in contrast to the conventional European appraisal – is apparently far from being a transitional period, a period of «decision». This sociological analysis of «historical», African literary works is aimed at creating that self-awareness which is imperative as a curb on African identity crisis, to warrant the impetus for human development on this continent.
Contents: A sociological search for options for the development of Africa, by means of the axiomatic analogy beween Africa and crisis as expounded in «historical», literary works.