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Cities and Catastrophes- Villes et catastrophes

Coping with Emergency in European History- Réactions face a l’urgence dans l’histoire européenne

Geneviève Massard-Guilbaud, Harold L. Platt and Dieter Schott

Catastrophes resulting from natural causes like earthquakes, fires, and floods have destroyed significant parts of many cities in Europe and North America. Contributions to this volume explore how cities experienced these disasters, how cities coped with the emergency, and how they tried to make sense of what had happened. To illuminate common themes, the book includes examples from Poland, France, Italy, Germany, Finland, Greece, Great Britain, and its Caribbean colonies. Some cities never recovered while others managed to turn their physical destruction into an opportunity for spatial, economic, and political reform. Catastrophes have played an important role in urban history because they represent major turning points that shatter conventional aspirations and open new avenues of development. Essays are presented with abstracts in English, French and German.
Contents: G. Massard-Guilbaud: Introduction - The Urban catastrophe: Challenge to the social, economic, and cultural order of the city – U. Sowina: Les eaux qui charrient la mort et les désastres: inondations et pollution des eaux dans les villes polonaises aux XVe et XIVe siècles – J. Hays: Disease as Urban Disaster: Ambiguities and Continuities – G. Quenet: Villes et tremblements de terre sous le règne de Louis XIV: limites et réalités d'une mutation – M. Mulcahy: Urban Catastrophes and Imperial Relief in the Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic World: Three Case Studies – M. D’Angelo/M. Sajia: A City and two Earthquakes: Messina 1783-1908 – M. Hietala: Fear and Fires. Impact of fires on towns in Finland at the beginning of the 19th century – H. L. Platt: «The Hardest Worked River»: The Manchester Floods and the Industrialization of Nature – D. Schott: One City - Three Catastrophes: Hamburg from the Great Fire 1842 to the Great Flood 1962 – C. Sillans: L’incendie dans les villes françaises du XIXe siècle: de la vulnérabilité à la maîtrise du phénomène – A. Yerolympos: Urban Space as «Field»: Aspects of Late Ottoman Town Planning After Fires.