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The Transition from Higher Education to the Labour Market

International Perspectives and Challenges

Holger Ehlert and Heidi Cordier

Improved organization of transition processes from higher education to the employment system is currently becoming of ever greater importance in the international discussion about education and labour market policy. With the aid of examples from ten countries, this publication provides a sound and revealing overview of the subject, and will be of equal interest to those involved in higher education, business and politics. The survey focuses mainly on the following questions: How is the labour market for graduates organized in the individual countries? How is career orientation achieved within degree courses in the various countries? How is the transition from higher education to the employment system achieved within the national context? Basing their contributions on a general catalogue of questions, experts provide information on the following countries: France, Germany, England, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Sri Lanka and Switzerland.
Contents: Holger Ehlert/Heidi Cordier: Introduction – Valérie Canals/Claude Diebold: France – Holger Ehlert/Heidi Cordier: Germany – Heidi Cordier: Great Britain – Conor Geiselbrechtinger: Ireland – Lorenzo Fischer: Italy – Ulrich Teichler/Kerstin Teicher: Japan – Roland Richter: Netherlands – Heide Hein: Poland – Charler Fernando: Sri Lanka – Martin Teichgräber: Switzerland.