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Friedrich Hoffmann (1832-1904) and the «Pharmaceutische Rundschau»

A Contribution to the History of American Pharmacy

Sabine Knoll-Schütze

This biography is the first extensive and valuable tribute to the German pharmacist Friedrich (Frederick) Hoffmann who emigrated to the USA in 1861. The detailed representation of his life and work is based on comprehensive research in Germany and the US, which led to the evaluation of archival material, so far untouched. The analysis of the German language Pharmaceutische Rundschau which Hoffmann published up until 1895 in New York, is an in depth contribution to the history of pharmaceutical publications. Plenty of timely photographs and illustrations offer multiple insights into US pharmacy of that time and simultaneously shed light on the influence and problems of German immigrants in the second half of the 19 th century.
Contents: Friedrich Hoffmann – Life and Work – Major Topics and Scientific Contributions of the Pharmaceutische Rundschau.