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Nordic Prosody

Proceedings of the VIII th Conference, Trondheim 2000

Wim van Dommelen and Thorstein Fretheim

This volume contains the revised texts of the lectures given at the Nordic Prosody VIII conference, held at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Trondheim, Norway), in August 2000. Most of the nineteen contributions deal with prosodic aspects of Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Estonian and Finnish, thus including in the notion of Nordic even the major Finno-Ugrian languages around the Baltic Sea. The scope of the papers is wider than on former occasions, not only representing well-established approaches to prosodic research but also covering new areas like the investigation of speech errors, the auditory processing of pitch, voice imitation, or multimodal speech perception.
Contents: J. Almberg: The circumflex tone in a Norwegian dialect – E.L. Asu/F. Nolan: The interaction of intonation and quantity in Estonian: an analysis of nuclear falls in statements and questions – G. Bruce: Secondary stress and pitch accent synchronization in Swedish – W.A. v. Dommelen/T. Fretheim: Prosodic cues in the pragmatic interpretation of postposed conditional clauses in Norwegian – T. Fretheim: The interaction of right-dislocated pronominals and intonational phrasing in Norwegian – B. Granström/D. House/J. Beskow/M. Lundeberg: Verbal and visual prosody in multimodal speech perception – P. Hansson: The effect of individual words’ information status on accentuation – M. Heldner: On the non-linear lengthening of focally accented Swedish words – T. Hokkanen: Prosody of self-initiated repairs of naturally occuring speech errors – D. House: Focal accent in Swedish: perception of rise properties for Accent 1 – A. Iivonen: Intonation of Finnish questions – D. Krull: Perception of Estonian word prosody in wispered speech – S. Lattner/B. Maess/Y. Wang/A.D. Friederici/K. Alter: Human auditory processing of pitch-altered speech – R.A. Nilsen: «Borderline Cases». Tonal characteristics of some varieties of spoken South Norwegian – F. Nolan/H. Jónsdóttir: Accentuation patterns in Icelandic – M. Segerup: Segmental duration - an essential feature of the West Swedish dialect – A.H. Teig: Can phonetically high pitch represent phonologically low tone? Evidence from East Norwegian raised background domains – S. Werner/M. Vainio: Modeling Finnish intonation for TTS – E. Zetterholm: The role of prosody in voice imitation.