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Ethics, Ideals and Ideologies in the History of Adult Education


Balázs Németh and Franz Pöggeler

Contributors to this book examine 19th and 20th centuries’ adult education with a special approach so as to identify the particular influence of ethics, ideals and ideologies. Apart from general papers assessing the changing role of adult education worldwide, this anthology, according to papers to have been presented at the VIIIth International Conference of the History of Adult Education in Pécs – Hungary, mainly reflects how the personality, societal values and politics have modified the mission of adult education.
Contents: Franz Pöggeler: Foreword – Balázs Németh: Preface – Franz Pöggeler: The Globalisation of Adult Education and the One World Concept: Aspects of their History, Present and Future – Roger Fieldhouse: Adult Education in a Voluntary Social Movement: the Educational Work of the British Anti-Apartheid Movement, 1959-94 – Bastiaan van Gent: Adult Education and Cooperation: The History of a Dutch Walden – Elke E. Theile: Wertfragen in der Erwachsenenbildung. Eine wissenschaftstheoretische und methodologische Herausforderung an die Geschichte der Erwachsenenbildung – László Felkai: Einfluss von Ideen und Institutionen auf die Erwachsenenbildung in Ungarn – Jurij Jug: Die Wandlung der Volk- und Arbeitsuniversitäten Sloweniens von 1945-1991 – Hanna Solarzyk: Die Ideen und Ideologien der Polnischen Heimvolkshochschulen vor und nach der Wende 1989 – Katarina Popovic: Basic Conceptions and Aims in Some Theories of Adult Education Through History – Tom Steele: The Role of Scientific Positivism in European Popular Educational Movements: France and Radical Free Masonry – Anthony Cooke: Samuel Smiles and the Ideology of Self Help – Maria Bouverne-De Bie: How Adult Education Participates in the Making of «Active Society» – Heribert Hinzen: Local and Global Experiences and Dimensions of German Adult Education – Marcie Boucouvalas: Adult Education and The Human Rights Movement: Toward a Global Research Agenda for the History of Adult Education – Björn Paape: The Performance-Directed or Task-Oriented Approach as a Teaching and Learning Concept in Adult Education – László Pethő: Die Hauptbestrebungen der ländlichen Erwachsenenbildung in Mitteleuropa – Karl Pütz: Ideological and Paradigmatic Changes in the History of a German Further Education Centre - Based on the Centre of Further Education, Aachen – John Aitchison: Struggle and Compromise: A History of South African Adult Eduction from 1960 to 1999 – Robert Turner: Idealists and Liberal Adult Education in the West of Scotland – Roseanne Benn: Through a Glass Darkly: The Seduction of an Adult Education Social Movement – Luc Dekeyser: Adult Education and Social Movements: a Century of (Informal) Learning in Social Movements – Nicolae Sacalis: Grundtvig: from a European and Romanian Perspective – Gizella Cser: Self-fulfilling Prophecy in Adult Education as an Ethical Issue – Renata Cepic: The Social-historical Conditionality of the Constitution and Activities of Croatian People’s and Workers’ Universities – Sigvart Tøsse: The Transformation of Adult Education from Culture to the World of Work – Roger Morris: Lloyd Ross and the Education of Australian Workers – Jukka Tuomisto: From the Workers’ Education to the Work Development. Historical Stages and Changing Interests in the Finnish Trade Union Education – Dénes Koltai/Balázs Németh: Social Based Adult Education: The Development of Workers’ Education and Training in Pécs - Hungary at the Turn of the 19th and 20th Century – Peter Jarvis: Adult Education - an Ideal of Modernity: The End of Adult Education as a Social Movement – Matti Ropponen: The History of the Finish: Adult Education System – Ilija Lavrnja/Anita Klapan: Advanced Teaching Movement in Croatia and Its Influence on National Education – Julia Mryakina: Some Changes in the Sphere of Adult Education in Russia in the Transitional Period: Socio-Psychological Aspects – Simona Sava: Adult Education in Romania in the Last Ten Years - Requirements and Realities – Janusz Gajda: Social-Educational Aims and Forms of Adult Education on Distance in the 1980s in Poland; TV Vocational Agricultural School and Radio-TV High School for Working