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Middle English from Tongue to Text

Selected Papers from the Third International Conference on Middle English: Language and Text, held at Dublin, Ireland, 1-4 July 1999


Peter J. Lucas and Angela M. Lucas

The papers in this book cover an impressive range of research into all aspects of the study of Middle English Language and Texts, hence the title From Tongue to Text. The topics dealt with are arranged according to this spectrum of approach, beginning with spelling evidence (which may tell us something about sounds), and moving forward through phonology, sound symbolism, morphology, syntax, discourse analysis, and vocabulary, to the study of dialects, Middle English in contact with other languages, and to text explication. The authors come from all parts of Europe, north, south, east and west, and from Japan, and originally came together at the Third International Conference on Middle English at Dublin, Ireland, in July 1999, where they contributed with others to the theme of Language and Text.
Contents: Merja Black/Simon Horobin/Jeremy Smith: Towards a New History of Middle English Spelling – Jerzy Wełna: French Loanwords and the Middle English Lowering of [e] before Nonprevocalic [r] – Piotr Sadowsi: Sound-symbolic Vocabulary of Light in Pearl – Angelika Lutz: The Reflexive in Middle English: Loose Ends in the Pronominal System – Michiko Ogura: On the way, on way, and away in Old and Middle English – Rafal Molencki: Middle English Wishful Thinking – Cristina Mourón Figueroa: The System of Sentential Negation in Lazamon’s Brut – Rosamund Allen: The Tactics of Hypotaxis: Sentence Structure in Lazamon’s Brut – Thomas Honegger: Authors and Lovers: Presenting Amorous Interaction in Middle English Romances – Carole Hough: Onomastic Evidence for Middle English Vocabulary – Gillis Kristensson: The Middle English Dialects of the Southern Counties – Raymond Hickey: Dublin and Middle English – Theo Vennemann: On the Rise of ‘Celtic’ Syntax in Middle English – Janne Skaffari: The Non-Native Vocabulary of the Peterborough Chronicle – Herbert Schendl: Code-Choice and Code-Switching in some early Fifteenth-Century Letters – Peter Grund: In Search of Gold: Towards a Text Edition of an Alchemical Treatise – Liliana Sikorska: Authority, Femininity and Motherhood in Julian of Norwich’s Showings – Anne-Marie D’Arcy: Holy Vessell and Blyssed Bloode: Malory’s Personal Symbolism of the Grail.