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Transplanting Liberal Education

The Foundation and Development of Liberal Arts Colleges in Western India


Anne Sliwka

The work examines the foundation and development of Liberal Arts Colleges in the Bombay Presidency/Western India during the 19th century. It describes the transplantation of administrative structures, conceptions of a liberal education and a syllabus from the British metropolitan area to colonial Western India. Based on the analysis of historical sources the study tries to understand the broader impact of British higher education on social and political change in Western India. The Liberal Arts Colleges within the University of Bombay are described as new arenas for social interaction producing a number of outspoken and self-confident graduates openly challenging the primacy of colonial rule in the early 20th century.
Contents: The Idea of a Liberal Education – Institutional Developments in 19th Century British Higher Education – Society, Government and the Origin of English Education in the Bombay Presidency – The Foundation of the University of Bombay and its Liberal Arts Colleges – The Idea of a Liberal Education and the Indian Syllabus – The University of Bombay and its Interaction with Bombay Society – Liberal Education and Political Change in Colonial India.