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Looking into HAMAS and Other Constituents of the Palestinian-Israeli Confrontation


Wolfgang Freund

The major part of this book is devoted to interviews with top representatives of the Palestinian resistance movement HAMAS in Gaza and Nablus (West Bank), but it considers other elements of «HAMAS-reality» as well. A selection of highly controversial documents with regard to the Palestinian-Israeli problem offers an unusual «insight view» into this conflict. A bibliography and useful addresses of relevant print media and research centers in the region complete the book.
Contents: Meeting with HAMAS representatives: Abdelaziz Rantisi, Mahmoud El-Zahhar, Ismail Abu Shanab, Jamal Mansour – A HAMAS view from inside – The Islamic University and Islamic Associations in Gaza: A selection of controversial documents – Facing the «enemy»: seven mirror pictures – Bibliography – Useful addresses.