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Handbook of Renewable Energies in the European Union

Case studies of the EU-15 States

Edited By Danyel Reiche

This publication is the completely revised and updated second edition of the Handbook of Renewable Energies. The handbook is a collection of systematic case studies describing national renewable energy policies in the EU-15. In all case studies of this edition data from 2003 was used. All the recent developments in the field of renewable energies were integrated, such as new support schemes, for example in Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden, and changing administrative responsibilities as in Germany. As in the first edition, all chapters follow the same structure. At the beginning of each case study, a definition of renewable energies is given for the individual country and the starting position in energy policy as well as the main actors are described. The instruments for promoting renewable energies are shown and each section concludes with an analysis of current obstacles and conditions for future success. Finally, a service chapter informs the reader about the most important associations, websites, and journals pertinent to the subject matter and provides some general information about the EU-15 States.

Table of contents