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Exile, language and identity

Magda Stroinska and Vittorina Cecchetto

Contents: Magda Stroińska/Vittorina Cecchetto: Introduction – Mary Besemeres: Cultural translation and the translingual self in the memoirs of Edward Said and André Aciman – Claire Burke: Exile from the inner self or from society? A dilemma in the works of Max Frisch – Ruth Burke: Persephone as paradigm: Fictional exiles in postcolonial francophone literature – Chantal Abouchar: Albert Memmi’s Agar: The paradox of the couple – Andrea Rinke: German films in a German exile – Magda Stroińska: The role of language in the re-construction of identity in exile – Natalia E. Rulyova: Joseph Brodsky: Exile, language and metamorphosis – Annabel Cox: Achy Obeja’s «Sugarcane» and Cuban-American bilingual literature: Language choices and cultural identities – Branka Popovic: The problem of identity and language in refugees from the (former)Yugoslavia – Vittorina Cecchetto: From immigrant to exile: Does language contribute to this process? – Anthony Purdy: Collage and chronotope in Régine Robin’s La Québécoite – Iris Bruce: Deutschland, Deutschland über Alles: Sprechen, schreiben, schweigen – Catherine Reuben: Exile, identity and memory: the boundaries of perception – Maroussia Hajdukowski-Ahmed: At the borders of language, language without borders: Non-verbal forms of communication of women survivors of torture.