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Military Pedagogy – An International Survey


Heinz Florian

The book presents a broad, international discussion of military training and education problems. It uses the concept of Military Pedagogy to cover the full range of this discussion. As shown by the holistic articles at the beginning of the book, Military Pedagogy is viewed very differently by different authors depending on their national and individual backgrounds. Many of the articles use different subject matters to provide specific examples that, considered as a whole, show the great variety of tasks performed by Military Pedagogy. The two approaches, holistic on the one hand and detailed on the other, give the reader a comprehensive impression of what Military Pedagogy can be. Simultaneously, the specifically prescriptive articles provide many ideas for use by military training and education specialists. In this way, the book serves both theorists and practitioners. The international scope of the book is indicated by the list of authors who come from 10 different countries. The book also makes a significant contribution to improving the interoperability of Armed Forces.
The Editor: Heinz Florian, Colonel, served many years as an artillery officer in several positions, including Company, Battalion Commander, and teacher at the Artillery School. Since 1988 he has been a member of the Training Department in the Austrian Ministry of Defence. He studied Pedagogy and graduated from the University of Vienna with a Masters degree in 1994.