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Studies in Foreign Language Vocabulary Acquisition


Janusz Arabski

This volume contains a selection of papers on different aspects of foreign vocabulary learning and acquisition. It presents various theoretical issues concerning the language learning process itself and describes its nature. The last section of the volume deals with vocabulary learning strategies considered as procedures applied by learners themselves.
Contents: Hans Dechert: Binomials, memes and the evolution of culture – Danuta Gabryś: A universal or unique and amorphous feeling of ANGER: on conceptualising emotions and language awareness – Ewa Jakubowska: How to talk about the self-image in a second language – Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk: Cognitive grammar, language acquisition, and foreign language teaching – Liliana Piasecka: Sensitivity to fixed expressions and idioms - an aspect of lexical competence – Jan Rusiecki: Friends true and false: or a contrastive approach to the lexicon – Rüdiger Zimmermann: Advanced foreign language vocabulary - a closer look at word-formation and idiom – Farida Abderrahim: Is vocabulary acquired or learned? – Anna Bączkowska: Teaching synonyms; a corpus-based approach – Brian Farrington: Interactive, My eye! A criticism of current language learning software – Anna Gnoińska: The quality of exposure to language material and FL vocabulary acquisition – Justyna Leśniewska: Multi-word items in vocabulary acquisition – Moira Linnarud: Maybe you are playing basket in your speertime - teacher response to learners‘ writing in English – Andrzej Łyda: Disjuncts and conjuncts in discourse management – Jan Majer: This is better than that? On reference patterns in teacher trainees‘ English – June Miliander: Lexis in spoken and written learner English by advanced Swedish students – David Singleton: Atomistic and incidental approaches to vocabulary learning – Maria Wysocka: On the learning and use of foreign vocabulary in advanced learners of English – Janusz Arabski: Learning strategies of L1, L2 and L3 lexis – Joanna Bielska: On the relationship between language learning strategy use and vocabulary learning outcomes – Alina Chodkiewicz: Vocabulary acquisition while reading in EFL: learner strategies – Tammy Gregersen/Miguel Farias: Training in memory strategies: simplifying vocabulary development – Elżbieta Krawczyk-Neifar: Foreign language vocabulary learning strategies and the proficiency and age factors – Anna Michońska-Stadnik: A twenty-item vocabulary list for teachers – Anna Niżegorodcew: Initial stages in L2 lexical acquisition.