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The Middle Eastern Press as a Forum for Literature


Horst Unbehaun

Research on Middle Eastern press is of great importance for comparative historical studies. Many editors of newspapers and magazines were not only journalists, but also writers, poets, thinkers and politicians. These intellectual leaders used non-official journals as a means of accelerating public discourse on reforms in the Ottoman Empire and later on in its successor states. Introducing new genres of literature to the Middle East they serialized novels, short stories and travelogues, experimented with new kinds of poetry and let satire blossom.
The 15 contributors approach this thematics from different perspectives: Some concentrate on certain newspapers, literary journals or satirical magazines, others centre on the biographies of editors or writers. Although the main focus of this book is on the Ottoman and Persian press until 1914, some articles extend this scope to include Post-Ottoman Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Cyprus.
Contents: Uygur Kocabaşoğlu: Literary Serials at the Dawn of Turkish Journalism – Orhan Koloğlu: Ahmed Midhat’s Contribution to the Assimilation of Tanzimat through his Novels Serialized in Newspapers – Christiane Czygan: The Self-portrait of the Yeñi cOsmānlılar Cemcīyeti in the Journal Ḥurrīyet – Nâzım Hikmet Polat: The Magazine Rübap - Mirror of Second Constitution Turkish Culture, Literature and Press Life – Horst Unbehaun: The Newspaper Kızılırmak (Sivas) in the Years 1910-1914 - Cultural and Literary Forum in Anatolian Province – Tim Epkenhans: Plain and Simple? - Reflections on a «Modern» Persian Literature in the Magazine Kāve – Manfred Sing: Between Lights and Hurricanes: Sāmī al-Kayyālī’s Review Al-Ḥadīṯ as a Forum of Modern Arabic Literature and Liberal Islam – Silvia Naef: Literature and Social Criticism in the Iraqi Press of the First Half of the 20th Century - Jacfar al-Khalīlī and the Periodical Al-Hātif – Susanne Bräckelmann: Novelist, Biographer, Essayist: Zaynab Fawwāz (1860-1914) - Pioneer of Female Emancipation in the Egyptian Press – Michael Ursinus: The Ruins of Dura-Europos in the Columns of Zevrā: Aḥmed Şākir Beğ’s Travels Along the Euphrates, Published and Annotated by the Ottoman Provincial Gazette of Baghdad – Anja Pistor-Hatam: Periodicals and the Diffusion of the Orientalist Discourse: H. M. Stanley’s «In Darkest Africa» Presented to the Persian Public – Tobias Heinzelmann: The Hedgehog as Historian - Linguistic Archaism as a Means of Satire in the Early Work of Refik Halid Karay – Gisela Procházka-Eisl: Literature and the Satirical Press in Early Republican Turkey: The Case of the Frog – Evan Siegel: The Use of Classical Iranian Literature in Azerbaijani Satire: The Case of Molla Näsr od-Din – Martin Strohmeier: The Ottoman Press and the Turkish Community in Cyprus (1891-1931).