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D.H. Lawrence

Travel Books and Fiction


Maya Hostettler Geiger

To what extent do D.H. Lawrence's life (long) journeys bear influence on his art? In order to find an answer to this question this study follows the artist through his fiction and his travel books. Minute textual analysis and juxtaposition reveal a traveller who turns from an angry preacher into a learned scholar. He finally discovers that the artist's quest for knowledge and understanding remains unsatisfied unless he is able to accept his own as well as the world's idiosyncrasies. This study shows that the influence of his travel experiences on his fiction and vice versa the influence of his fictionally achieved experiences on his travel books help him to come to this conclusion.
Contents: D.H. Lawrence and the Travel Book Tradition - The Doing and Undoing of Twilight in Italy - The Lawrentian Relation to Nature - Mornings in Mexico: The Turning Point - The Etruscan Past.