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The Catholic School under Scrutiny

Ten Years of Research in Italy (1998-2008)

Guglielmo Malizia and Sergio Cicatelli

This book delineates the evolution of the Study Centre for Catholic Schools (CSSC) in its first ten years of existence since its foundation in 1998 by the Italian Bishops’ Conference.
The volume is divided into three main sections. The first outlines the context and the activity of the CSSC during ten years : the role, the functions, the tasks and the initiatives of CSSC are analysed in the framework of the recent history of the Catholic Schools in Italy. The second section elaborates the theoretical bases for the functioning of the CSSC : they are identified in the quality of the Catholic School, in its community dimension and in the religious education offered. The third section focuses on the members of the educative community : the teachers, the parents, the students and the principals.
The book tries to make the most of the material gathered in the annual reports on the Catholic Schools in Italy, prepared by the CSSC.