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Colour and Light, Illness and Death

A New Interpretation of Kafka’s "Der Proceß</I>

Barbara McKenzie

This work explores an original interpretation of Franz Kafka’s novel, Der Proceß (The Trial), which argues that the novel is in the form of a series of dreams, dreamt by a man who has been stricken with a serious illness. The thesis presents detailed evidence to show that the novel is intended to be a transcript of the dreams of the protagonist, Josef K., and that K. is suffering from tuberculosis, a fact which both gives rise to and shapes his dreams.
The thesis also discusses the special role of art, literature and colour, which have a notable effect on the way the illness manifests itself in the dreams.
In arguing this interpretation the author explodes a number of myths about the novel, not least that the world of Josef K., rather than being dreary and monochrome, is full of beauty and colour.

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