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Transition for Pupils with Special Educational Needs

Implications for Inclusion Policy and Practice

Geraldine Scanlon, Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, Michael Shevlin and Conor McGuckin

Moving from primary to post-primary school and moving from post-primary to further/higher education pose significant challenges to many young people. Both transitions force young people toward greater personal autonomy, self-awareness and ideally self-efficacy. For students with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND), these challenges are potentially greater, and continuity in, or access to new, support may be necessary to facilitate these transitions in a manner that gives all students equal opportunities for taking charge of their own lives, including their education. The existing empirical literature on the transitions of students with SEND at these levels is limited. This book reviews the conceptual, policy and research evidence on young people’s experiences of these transitions. The book also reports on new research conducted with young people with SEND and relevant stakeholders (including parents, educational professionals and voluntary agencies) involved in these transitions in Ireland. In so doing, the book provides a framework of evidence-based practice that can enable schools and professionals to develop effective and inclusive transition policies and programmes.

Yvonne Barnes-Holmes and Geraldine Scanlon: The UK and Irish Policy Contexts of the Education of Students with SEND and the Transition of Students with and without SEND from Primary to Post-primary School - Geraldine Scanlon: Pupil Experiences: Moving from Primary to Post-primary School in Ireland - Yvonne Barnes-Holmes: The Role and Impact of Parents during Transition from Primary to Post-primary School - Michael Shevlin: Making the Move: Smoothing the Path to Post-primary Education - Conor McGuckin: Transitions through the Education System: From Primary School to Higher Education: The Role of the Professional - Geraldine Scanlon and Yvonne Barnes-Holmes:  The International Policy and Research Context of Transition from Post-primary School to Third-level Education for Students with SEND - Geraldine Scanlon: Moving to Further and Higher Education (FE/HE) in Ireland: Student Experiences - Geraldine Scanlon and Yvonne Barnes-Holmes: Transition Practices and Programmes in the UK and Ireland: Implications for Developing Practice and Policy in Schools - Bibliography