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Set Theory Objects

Abstractions for Computer-Aided Analysis and Composition of Serial and Atonal Music


Peter Castine

Set Theory is both the most important and most difficult contribution to 20th century music analysis and composition of the last forty years. Set Theory Objects provides a comprehensive introduction to this theory and its practice, explaining the concepts and terminology used precisely and understandably. Computers are a valuable tool in set theoretic work. This book not only provides a survey of currently available software, it also describes the development of a new program for set theoretical applications. Particular attention is paid to the strategies followed in designing the program to make it a truly usable tool for musicians, regardless of their technical sophistication. Thus, this book is not only of interest to musicians, but can serve as a case study in human interface design.
Contents: Introduction - The Set Theoretical Approach to Music Analysis and Composition - Computer Tools Available for Set Theory - Designing User-Oriented Software for Set Theory - Implementing Software for Set Theory - Data Structures for Set Theory - Current Status and Future Goals - Set Class Tables - Definition and Theorems - Technical Documentation - Bibliography.