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The Decisiveness of the Christ-Event and the Universality of Christianity in a World of Religious Plurality


Origen Vasantha Jathanna

This essay in Systematic Theology was written under the guidance of Professor Heinrich Ott and awarded the distinction summa cum laude by the University of Basel. It discusses the question «How can the Christ-Event be regarded as the all-determining act of salvation for all men?» The author's Indian background is appa- rent in his concern with adherents of other religions, and those who lived ante Christum natum.
His main focus is a discussion of the contributions of Kraemer and Hogg in this field. Shorter essays look at Hocking and Chenchiah. An appendix discusses the relations between Kraemer and Barth.
Contents: Understanding of the Christ Event and of Christianity in a world of religious plurality: Hendrick Kraemer, A.G. Hogg, W.E. Hocking, P. Chenchiah.
Taking the Dialogue further: The ante Christum natum problem.