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Church-State Relations in Zambia

A Policy Proposal


Alick Banda

This book endeavours to set forth the Catholic Church understanding of Church-State relations and therein proposes a framework of Church-State relations in Zambia, to regulate areas of common interests between the Church and the State, and to specify areas of Church concern where State intrusion is limited. The work further proposes an institution to implement the framework proposal as well as monitor legislation and policies that impact on Church-State relations.
Contents: Historical profile of Church-State relations – The importance and influence of the pronouncements of Vatican II – Church-State relations in the Codex Iuris Canonici 1983 – An overview of Church-State relations in Zambia – Church-State relations in a Christian nation: A Catholic perspective – Policy proposal for Church-State relations in Zambia in view of the Catholic Church – Operational modality for Church-State relations in Zambia.