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A Popular History of Benin

The Rise and Fall of a Mighty Forest Kingdom

Peter M. Roese and Dmitri M. Bondarenko

The history of the former Kingdom of Benin is a fascinating subject which aroused the interest of many scholars during more than one hundred years. However, today, when Africa unfortunately attracts much less public and professional interest than in the times of de-colonisation and subsequent cold war «struggle for the continent» between the socialist and capitalist blocs, only a few specialists outside Nigeria are undertaking Benin researches and, therefore, the authors felt the need to make a new attempt for writing a history of this remarkable kingdom, including newest results of researches. Besides the general public, the book is destined for graduate and undergraduate students, as well as lecturers on African studies. To make easier reading for the general public, the book contains some elements of what may be called «popular history».
Contents: Popular-scientific description of the history of the former Kingdom of Benin (in today’s Nigeria) – Including personal experiences.