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Wittgenstein, from a New Point of View


Jesús Padilla-Gálvez

Undoubtedly, Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) is considered one of the most famous philosophers. In contrast to other 20 th century philosophers, who arranged to have their complete works published while still alive or after their deaths, Wittgenstein’s works are still incompletely published with only part of them being in print. He wasn’t concerned with the issue of notoriety nor was he concerned with fame. However, his lectures and publications would very early be recognized by his Spanish colleagues and were reviewed as early as in 1933. This volume is designed to present new ideas and approaches to analysis to open up a new perspective in the reception of Wittgenstein’s works. This volume of essays has a unity and bears throughout the imprint of Wittgenstein’s powerful and original mind. The authors have published most of their contributions in international journals. They are willing to present their results to debate and would welcome constructive feedback.
Contents: Jesús Padilla-Gálvez: Introduction – Norberto Abreu/Silva Neto: Wittgenstein’s Philosophy throughout the Corners of Brazil: Data for the Study of Its Reception – Axel Arturo Barceló Aspeitia: Grammatical Necessity in Wittgenstein’s Middle Period – Jesús Padilla-Gálvez: «Metamathematics Does Not Exist» - Wittgenstein’s Criticism of Metamathematics – Francisco Rodríguez-Consuegra: Wittgenstein and Russell on Propositions and Forms – Josep-Maria Terricabras: (Theology as Grammar) - Wittgenstein in Brackets – Alejandro Tomasini Bassols: Wittgensteinian Considerations about Time – Jesús Padilla-Gálvez: Spanish Wittgenstein Bibliography (1986-2001).