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Representing Gender in Cultures

Elzbieta Oleksy and Joanna Rydzewska

This book investigates the concepts of gender and representation in an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective from the viewpoint of a variety of European and North American cultural and intellectual traditions. It contextualizes recent debates about the relationship between gender, spectatorship, and social and historical formations. The issue of gender and representation is problematized by the inclusion of discussion on men and masculinities – the area of study that today boasts a rich and growing body of work. The volume further offers a new approach to various topics, for instance, positive feminist readings of mainstream Hollywood productions. It analyzes visualizations of women as the embodiments of national collective narratives and deals with critiques of the representations of men in print media. It also provides discussion of ideologies of gender and representation in the countries of the «New Europe». The book is an important source for undergraduates and researchers who want to learn more about the ideologies of gender and representation across cultures.
Contents: Helena Goscilo: Negotiating Gendered Rhetoric: Between Scylla and Charybdis – Magdalena Fręś: The Volatile Maternal Body in Manuela Gretkowska’s Polka – Joanna Kazik: Public Body, Private Soul: Mary Magdalene in the Chosen Pageants in the English Mystery Cycles – Milda Danyte: When Gender Immigrates. How Concepts of Gender from the Homeland Change or Persist in the Country of Settlement: The Lithuanian-Canadian Example – Grażyna Zygadło: Chicana Feminism and La Raza – Aleksandra M. Różalska: Gender and Theories of Black Spectatorship – Elżbieta Durys: The Turning Point in the Lives of Young Women: The Heroines of Michał Rosa’s Films – Libora Oates-Indruchová: Transforming and Emerging: Discourses of Gender in the Czech Culture of the Transition Period – Justyna Deszcz: Salman Rushdie’s Subversive Play with the Diana Märchen: The Fairytale Construction of a Diana-like Protagonist in The Ground Beneath Her Feet – Anna Krawczyk-Łaskarzewska: The Dis/Empowerment of Madonna – Jeff Hearn: «Surprise, surprise, men are gendered too»: Critical Studies on Men and the Politics of Representation – Elżbieta H. Oleksy/Joanna Kazik: Paper Masculinities: Media Representations of Men in Poland – Martha Wörsching: Masculinities, Sport, and National Identity in German Quality Print Media – Katharina Piechocki: Of Gods and Castratos: The Construction of the «Third Sex» in Early Italian Opera – Dorota Golańska: Cyberspace, Carnival, and Playing with Gender – Agniezka Borkowska: My Name is Croft... Lara Croft: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and the Popular Imagination – Joanna Rydzewska: Erin Brockovich and Female Subjectivity.