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The Saxophone in Advertising


Axel Eggert and Melanie Vockeroth

Research regarding music in advertising has so far mostly concentrated on the sound of music, whereas the study of individual musical instruments in a visual commercial context has been much more limited. As particular musical instruments tend to conjure up specific images for their readership and as instruments such as the saxophone have been used in printed advertising for some time, this study deals with this particular aspect. The result is a state-of-the-art investigation into the use of music in commerce and the specific use and the role of the saxophone. This study may be seen as a first stage of an enquiry into the cultural issues which may influence the use of the saxophone, offering an opportunity for initial conclusions to find wider application.
Contents: Advertising Background – Music – The Saxophone - a Musical Instrument – Iconography/Image of the Saxophone in Advertising – Qualitative Research.