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The Kingdom of God and Healing-Exorcism (Mt 4:17–5:12)


Kingsley Asahu-Ejere

This work is an exegetical demonstration of the Kingdom of God in the Miracles of Jesus in Matthew’s gospel, with Mt 4:17-5:12 as entry point. This Topic is often neglected by Matthean scholars in the studies of Jesus’ understanding of the Kingdom. The Synchronic and Diachronic analysis of the work reveals that Miracles must be understood within the context of the Kingdom and not the other way round. Matthew’s Jesus abhors the use of Miracles as signs and manifestation of the Kingdom. Attention is drawn to the hermeneutical danger of Miracles being signs and proofs of the Kingdom as evidenced in the faith-reading-location of the work (Nigeria) where Miracles have become Ends in themselves.
Contents: The Theme, Text, Textual Criticism, and Methodology – Structural Analysis of Mt 4:17-5:12 – The Sentence Structure, Grammar, and Syntax of the Text – Semantic Analysis of the Text – Narrative Analysis of the Text – The Kingdom (Mt 4:17-5:12) as the Context of Healing-exorcisms – Source and Redaction of the Text – The Reign of God and Healing in the OT and Extra-biblical Texts – The Pragmatics and Hermeneutics of the Text (Mt 4:17-5:12).