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Envisioning TeleCity

Towards the Urbanisation of ICT

Frank Helten and Bernd Fischer

This volume addresses the question of how the interplay of ICT and urban developments will change the face of the city as we know it. A range of contributions to discussions on this theme outlines the possible forms and directions of our urban future in the age of information. Based on the international conference Envisioning TeleCity – the Urbanisation of ICT, this volume compiles new approaches to investigations in this field, and introduces findings from a selection of international studies. The main foci of this volume are the changes in urban structures prompted by the increased use of ICT; the role of the public sector and its responsibilities in the informatisation of society; the relevance of ICT to economic policy at the community level, and the role of ICT in urban planning.
Contents: Florian Rötzer: Restructuring Cities – Stephen Graham/Simon Marvin: Planning Cyber-Cities? Integrating Telecommunications into Urban Planning – Saskia Sassen: The Embeddedness of Digital Technologies: Any Implications for Cities – André van der Meer/Willem van Winden: The ICT Sector: Growth Engine for Urban Regions? – Bernd Fischer: Urban Authorities and the Harnessing of ICT – Galit Cohen-Blankshtain/Peter Nijkamp: Measuring Beliefs About ICT: The Case of European Urban Front Liners – Manuel Valenzuela/Carmen Vázquez/Santiago Lorente: Network City and City Networking. A Local Administration Actors Perspective in Seven Western European Countries – Leon Hempel/ Liudger Dienel: Perceptions of ICT and its Impacts on City Competition.