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Wittgenstein Archived

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Gerhard Gelbmann

This book approaches the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein from various different angles. Wittgenstein as a background for the interpersonal pragmatic theory of communication by Paul Watzlawick et al. is dealt with as well as Wittgenstein’s way of writing and in what sense the fragmentary «Philosophical Investigations» are a book. A central chapter is devoted to Wittgenstein’s and Norman Malcolm’s writings on remembering and memory. Last but not least the reader finds a criticism of Jaakko Hintikka’s conception of Pragmatics and his more recent view on Wittgenstein as a dyslectic writer. Whether in interpretational or exegetic, applicative or conceptual studies – this volume is a further proof for the on-going discussion and influence of the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein.
Contents: Wittgenstein and Watzlawick. Aspects of Selective Reading – Skript, Text, Work, Album. On How To Read Wittgenstein’s Way of Writing – Recollection of References. With Wittgenstein on the Language-Games of Remembering – Hintikka’s Blind Spot: Social Conceptualisation of Pragmatics.