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Gunvor Nelson and the Avant-Garde

John Sundholm

Despite the fact that Swedish-American filmmaker Gunvor Nelson has been one of the most significant women in the avant-garde film tradition since the mid-60s there has been no comprehensive overview of her work and its various contexts. At last the publication of Gunvor Nelson and the Avant-Garde fills the gap.
The essays in the book are divided into four parts which offer four contexts for exploring the audiovisual connections to the work of Gunvor Nelson: conceptual mappings regarding the avant-garde and the avant-garde tradition; historical contexts in the USA and in Sweden; contemporary practices in production and distribution; the films of Gunvor Nelson in relation to the American Avant-Garde as well as her video works since the 90s. The book closes with an extensive interview with Nelson herself.
Contents: John Sundholm: Avant-Gardes and Modernisms – Malcolm Le Grice: Three Strands of Experimental Cinema: Abstraction, Symbolism and Existentialism – David E. James: «The Movies are a Revolution»: Film and the Counterculture – Henrik Orrje: New Beginnings: Swedish Experimental Film from Past to Present – Paul Arthur: «I Just Pass my Hands Over the Surface of Things»: On and Off the Screen, Circa 2003 – Pip Chodorov: The Paradox of «Film Art» and of Distributing Analog Works in the Digital Age – Steve Anker: Gunvor Nelson and the American Avant-Garde Film – Astrid Söderbergh Widding: The Material World Transformed: Gunvor Nelson’s Videoworks – Anders Pettersson: Interview with Gunvor Nelson.